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About us

CYBARCO a member of the Lanitis Group of Companiesand amongst the first construction companies in Cyprus since its establishment in 1945 have expanded its business internationally and began its operations in the Gulf Region in 1992, in search of newchallenges and diversification which will keepconfirming the ability of thecompany to respond to allkind of projects and needs…. 
AT CYBARCO WE AIM TO ‘open up new horizons in contracting and property development in a socially and environmentally responsible way that looks after people and nature alike.’
CYBARCO strive towards our goals with versatility, creativity and purpose to enhance productivity, create long-term value for shareholders and employees,develop our professional and industrial knowledge, draw on our experience and spirit and apply it in new projects,care about the community and the environment we work in, keep up with R&D through continuous professional development, win the respect of our customers and colleagues, and maintain a culture that encourages fresh thinking. 

To our valued clients, partners and colleagues in the industry, please allow me to welcome you to our company.
In this brochure we present our company with emphasis on our projects and operations in Qatar and Bahrain to provide you information and a more vivid understanding of our organization as an international entity in the gulf region.
At the onset of the construction developments in the gulf region, Cybarco has formed Joint Venture Associations for the execution of specific projects in Qatar and Bahrain which led to the establishment of strategic collaborations with leading International and local contracting companies.

Having established itself internationally Cybarco, through its dynamic and adaptive management continually seek to expand its business responding to the diverse challenges and demands of the construction industry.

As we embark on another year, the Cybarco family and our team in the gulf region will remain strong in keeping our commitment to deliver projects to the highest standards and the satisfaction of our clients.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all our partners and colleagues in the industry. We thank you for your undoubted support and we look forward to our continued involvement in the major construction and infrastructure developments in the gulf region.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or my colleagues, we will be very happy to assist you in any way we can.

General Manager Gulf Operations


Through team spirit, attention to quality and a customer-focused philosophy, Cybarco aspires to give all customers high quality, intelligent and innovative construction solutions that best serve their needs however simple or complex and in a way that will indeed add value to their business.

Our values have remained unchanged throughout the course of progress: respect towards clients, associates and employees, collective effort within the Group’s companies, reward for and recognition of human resources and social contribution focusing on issues related to human achievements. All the above, along with a commitment to excellence and quality, accountability and efficiency and the pursuit of innovation and creativity at all stages of work, give Cybarco the right to take pride in true professionalism.

History of the Company

Cybarco was established in Cyprus in 1945. It has been operating in the construction sector in Cyprus and the wider geographical region for more than six decades.

Amongst the first construction companies in Cyprus, Cybarco played an important role during the first critical years of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus.

It was at that time that Cybarco contributed greatly to public infrastructure works with the construction of the Nicosia International Airport in 1964, the Germasogeia Dam in 1967 and the Nicosia and Famagusta Sewage Networks in 1972 and 1974.

A turbulent period of 1974 affected every aspect of life on the island. The belief in a better future shared by all Cypriots and hard work made possible what seemed impossible at the time.

The rebirth of economy on the island and the reverse of the negative economic status were achieved and Cybarco’s contribution was significant.

In the 1980s and the 1990s Cybarco continued to play a significant role in the local economy, successfully delivering projects that improved everyday life on the island. Cybarco’s excellent reputation and experience in the construction field allowed the company to expand its business dynamically both in Cyprus and abroad, strengthening its presence mainly in Greece and the Gulf Region.

The new Millennium found the company determined to open up new fields in the world of construction.

At present Cybarco is active in Cyprus and abroad continually expanding business, in search of new challenges and diversification which will keep confirming the ability of the company to respond to all kind of projects and needs.

With dynamic and adaptive management, Cybarco having established itself in Cyprus, has evolved into an international entity with major projects in Greece and the Gulf.

It’s operation in the gulf region began as early as 1992 in Bahrain and 2005 in Qatar.

International Entity

The company has formed Joint Ventures in the execution of specific projects such as:

In Bahrain:
• Cybarco WLL in 2002, for the execution of Shaikh Isa Bin Salman National Library and Conference Hall.
• Cybarco-Tabet JV WLL for the construction of IW4100 Infrastructure works as Riffa Views.

In Qatar:
• Cybarco United Construction for the construction of Sharq Hotel and Spa in 2005.
• ADCC JV for three packages at the new Doha International Airport also in 2006.

With the positive turn-out of such projects in Bahrain and Qatar and the company’s great optimism and trust in the booming economy of the region, Cybarco Limited legalized and registered two local subsidiary companies now operating in the gulf namely:

• Cybarco Qatar LLC in Qatar
• Cyprus Building and Road Construction Co.WLL in Bahrain

The establishment of these local subsidiaries lead to Cybarco’s achievement and accomplishments of more projects in the Gulf Region.

Despite the economic crisis and the global economy still struggling to recover, Cybarco remain optimistic and confident in the region’s rapidly moving and flexible business climate and the immense infrastructure development projects especially in Qatar following its winning bid of the FIFA 2022.

Our Team

CYBARCO is proud of the outstanding individuals who add value to the company. To achieve extra ordinary innovation, Cybarco aims to attract and keep the very best people., each highly expert and skilled in their special area.

Our Activities

1. Construction

Building Projects:
  • Residential and office building blocks (private and public)
  • Educational establishments (Universities, schools etc)
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Hotels and tourist villages
  • Industrial buildings
  • Renovations and maintenance
  • Supermarkets and other Commercial Developments
  • Athletic facilities, playing fields, stadiums, multipurpose athletic buildings
  • Banks

Civil and Infrastructure Projects:
  • Road works, motorways, streets and bridges
  • Airports, runways, large span sheds and structures
  • Power stations
  • Oil refineries
  • Water refineries
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sewerage, irrigation and water supply pipe networks
  • Golf developments
2. Water dams

3. Maintenance & Operation

4. Project and Facilities Management

5. Turn-Key Projects

6. Architectural Services

7. Electromechanical Services

8. Asbestos Management

9. Asphalt Production & Laying

Quality Policy

All of us in Cybarco are committed to completing the projects we undertake to the client’s satisfaction, always honouring the contractual terms while maintaining the high quality levels, which distinguish us.

Cybarco always conforms to the legislation in force. The Management of the Company is committed to provide the required resources for the implementation of the Quality Management System.

Our goals:

• The continuous Quality improvement with the participation of everybody in the Company, Management and employees.
• The improvement of the Health and Safety conditions at work and the development of Environmental Awareness.
• The promotion of the Construction Industry’s role in society.

The adoption of a Quality System according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard contributes to the realization of the Quality Policy Goals. This policy forms the basis for the establishment of quality objectives and it is communicated to all personnel with the aim of its implementation.

With this Policy Statement, we are committed for the continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through the systematic monitoring of its performance and the implementation of the necessary improvement actions. The quality policy and the quality objectives are reviewed during structured management reviews at least once a year in order to ensure their continuing stability.

The Executive Vice Chairman
Marios E. Lanitis


  • Health & Safety Policy Document of Cybarco
  • Quality Mannual
  • Environment Policy Document
  • ISO Certificates